Bridge to Life

When we travel from our home to another location many of us have to cross over one or more bridges to reach our destination. Just think what our travel would be like without bridges- a way to cross over the obstruction in our paths.

Starting at both ends.

If we were able to watch the construction of a major bridge, we would see a vastly complicated engineering project. A bridge is normally started at both ends, then completed some where in the span.

Our bridge to life is the same. That spiritual bridge that will take us into the Reign Of Yahshua was started back at the creation by the Master Builder, Yahshua. He is the one through whom and by whom the Father created all things. With the creation of man, as with the creation of all things as recorded in Genesis 1&2, the process of reaching out to increase the size of their family was started.

Yahshua then completed their part when He came as the Anointed One of the Father, to bring a message of salvation to man, then to die as an atonement for man, to restore man to favor with the Father. This 'Good News' He brought was the plan of salvation. Before then there was no way for man to know the way. When He had finished this He then died 'pour out' His blood establishing the New Covenant. (Matthew 26:27-29) We show our acceptance of that covenant when we take part in the 'Memorial' service.

When He had completed what the Father sent Him to do, He returned to where He was before. He said He would send the "Spirit", (Hebr.. Rauch Ha Kodesh) the "Spirit that Separates", for we as individuals cannot even start our part (end) of the project without this help. It takes a portion of their "Spirit" in us, to encourage us to start our part.(2 Cor. 5:5)

His word the "blue print" of the way.

Our Father and His Son have to start the process. We are then encouraged ot join in the building of the bridge to life. We are to abide by the rules they set, and follow them completely. We must not try to apply our own reasoning to the project. We also must evaluate the project and have counted the cost, whether we are able to start, then work to complete the project. We have to agree to the contract as proposed, only then can we start.

It is then necessary for us to have the knowledge to fulfill our part of the contract. This knowledge is supplied by our partners, Yahh and Yahshua.(I John 2:20)

They also supply us with the understanding to be able to read the 'blue prints' of the project the 'Word', and be able to apply that understanding. (1 John 5:20)

They will also supply us with the 'wisdom' to use the knowledge and understanding to complete our portion of the project.(Psalm 111:10 and James 1:5-6 and 17)

Man strives to build his own bridges. Look around at all the religions and even the churches in those religions, each is reaching out their own righteousness, keeping their own traditions. Saul said in Romans 10:2-3 'For I bear witness that they have a ardor for Elohim, but not according to knowledge. (knowledge is learned or aquired) For not knowing the righteousness of Elohim, and seeking to establish their own righteousness, they did not subject themselves to the righteousness of Elohim". This is still the problem today, and even in the COG'S.

If we use the knowledge and understanding, with the wisdom they supply we can remain true to the contract we made at the begining.

If we do this we can know 'have the assurance' that we can have a part with Yahshua when He returns to rule and reign with all power, because He, Yahshua said it and He cannot lie.

In the Masters Service;


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