Yahshua asks in Luke 18:8; Will the Son of Man find faith when He returns.

There is something many do not think about concerning faith. They don't know where it comes from, nor how it is obtained. Faith is given from above. At first one is given the earnest (a pledge) of the Spirit, 2 Cor.5:5, this earnest draws us to Yahshua, our sin sacrifice. With it we are to repent and be immersed, have our sins washed away. We come up out of the water a new being in Yahshua. Then we can be given the fullness of the Spirit, for it will not abide where there is sin or uncleanliness.

Before Yahshua came as the Anointed of our Father, the one through whom we have our sins forgiven, the Spirit was given only to a few, as the prophets, etc., and selectively. Now it is given to all who believe (have faith), and in turn that same Spirit imparts an increased faith to each of us.

It is great and inspiring to read of the faith of others, those of old, as Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Mose and others as the prophets. It will help build our faith.

But we also even more need to see where faith applies to each of us now. How that we must walk in faith.
2 Cor. 5:7
For we walk in faith (belief), not by sight.

Faith comes through Yahshua,
Acts 3:16.
By belief in His Name, the one whom you see and know, His Name made strong, and the belief which comes through Him has given him this perfect healing before all of you.
We must first turn to Yahshua, have our sins forgiven and be willing to walk as He walked, in truth and uprightness.
Phil. 3:9
Be found in Him not having my own righteousness, but that which is through belief, faith, in Messiah, the righteousness which is from Elohim on the base of faith.

Paul told Timothy in 2 Tim. 3:15,
from a youth you have known the Scriptures, which are able to make one wise for deliverance, through faith in Messiah Yahshua.
Also in Romans 10:17 we are told,
so then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Elohim.
All those of faith that died before Yahshua came, died looking for His coming, and event told of, but not yet done.

1 Peter 1:10-12
Concerning this salvation the prophets have sought out and searched out, prophesying concerning the favor for us,
searching to know what or what sort of time, the Spirit which was in them was pointing out concerning Messiah, when it was bearing witness before hand the suffering of Messiah, and what was to come.
to whom it was revealed that they were serving not themselves, but us, in these matters, which now have been announced to us through those who brought the "Good News" to us by the Spirit sent from heaven, into which even the messengers (angels) long to look into.

Now we look back on His coming, and the message He brought of salvation, the "Good News" the promise that if we trust in Him, believing that He was the Son of the Father, that through Him and Him only do we have a deliverer, if we do this we can inherit the blessing promised.

Again in Luke 18:8 Yahshua asked, when I come will I find faith on the earth.

If we don't understand where faith comes from, and how we get it, how can we have it. All the stories of old will not give us faith, it is only through belief in, faith in, trust in, Yahshua and through the Spirit He imparts to us that we can obtain faith.

We should not be looking to a "man" to teach us. Those that are "ministers" are there to teach the young, the immature the way. When we have learned the basic things and are going on into perfection, then we go beyond their ability to teach. It is then that the Spirit from above takes over as our teachers. 1 John 2:27

In 2 Tim.2:15 we are told to,
do our utmost to present our selfs approved to Elohim, a worker (one that is working) who does not need to be ashamed (one that speaks when under the urging of the Spirit) one rightly dividing (understand, knowing ) the Word of Truth.

In 1 Peter 3:15 We are instructed to ,
always be ready to give an answer to anyone asking you concerning the hope ( better word assurance) that we have in Yahshua, but give it in meekness and fear.
So as not to be overbearing with our remarks, and always be well enough versed to present the Word truthfully, to not cause someone to stumble.

James 3:1
James says many should not be teachers because they will have to answer to our Righteous Judge, Yahshua, for what is taught.

There are many Scriptures in what is commonly called the N. T. that tells of the way of salvation. In our study we will find it is only through Yahshua, that we can be delivered from our sins. There is no other way.

So let us look to Him, the "Beginner" and "Finisher", of the plan of salvation. It is only through faith in Him that we can inherit the "blessing"

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