Where do you spend your time thinking? Is it on your every day things in your life, or is it on the coming Reign of Yahshua?

Matt. 6:30-34 If Elohim clothes the grass of the field, which exists today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, how much more shall He do for you. I say "do not worry then, saying, What shall we eat? or What shall we drink? or What shall we wear? For all these the unbelievers seek for, and your Heavenly Father knows that you need all these.

But seek the Reign of Elohim and His Righteousness, and these shall be given to you. Eccl.12:13

The conclusion of all is to fear Elohim and to do what He commands. Our purpose (work) on earth is determined by Yahweh, whether the Father or the Son. Those that are called will be doing the works given, and these are done by the "power" given.

1 Cor. 12:6-7&11 There are different kinds of workings, but it is the same Elohim who is doing all, to each is given a manifestation (working or revealing) of the Spirit. But one and the same Spirit works all these, distributing to each one individually as He Yahshua intends.

Phil. 4:1-7 read this as if it was written to each of us now So then stand firm in the Master beloved, Let us be of the same mind in the Master, And help all these who labor in the "Good News", and all the rest whose names are in the "Book of Life". Rejoice always in Yahshua, Let your gentleness be known to all, The time for the Master is near. Do not worry at all, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiveing, let your request be made known to Yahh. And His peace, which is beyond understanding shall keep your heart and mind through Messiah Yahshua. We must be praying daily for each of our Fathers children, those who are a part of the body of Messiah, and are doing the work each has been given.

Luke 10:1 After this Yahshua appointed seventy, and sent them out two by two, ahead of HIm into every city and place where He Himself was about to go. Luke 10: 17 on returning these said to Yahshua, "Master, even the demons are subject to us in your Name.

Luke 10:20 Yahshua told them, Do not rejoice in this, that spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names have been written in heaven.

Matt. 6:19-20 Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and thieves break in and steal. But lay up treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroy, and thieves do not bread in and steal. How do we do this? We do this by serving our brothers and sisters of the faith (belief).

Matt. 25:31-40 When the Son o Man comes in His power, and all the messengers with Him, then He shall set on the throne of His father David. And all nations shall be gathered before Him, and He shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd separates his sheep from his goats. He shall set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on His left. Then the Sovereign shall say to those on His right, "Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the reign prepared for you from the foundation of the world-- for I was hungry and you gave Me food, I was thirsty and you gave Me drink, I was a stranger and you took Me in, naked and you clothed Me, I was sick and you visited Me, I was in prison and you came to Me." 37-38-39 the righteous shall ask Him " Master when did we do these for You?" the Sovereign shall say to them, "Truly I say to you, In that you did it to any of the least of these My brothers, you also did it for Me." This is the way we lay up treasures in heaven, by serving each other and serving our Father and His Son.

Matt. 6:21 For where your treasure is there your heart is also. In the Masters Service, Jack Bierman

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