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Have you ever had a friend that it seemed like you thought so much alike, that you said or did the same thing at the same time? Many friends know each other so well that in a given situtation they would know what the other one would do in a tight situation. It is like you have one mind, or you could say you are like minded.

In our life we do not have to guess what would please our Heavenly Father. His anwers, principles, rules and values are always the same. We have been given a book that each of us can have to take with us through out our life time. It is when we start to listen to what others say that the book says that gets us in trouble. [ 1 Cor:1:10 ]

Getting in to the Masters mind.

The natural mind can not understand the ways of our Father. It wants everything opposite than the way good for us. We must have the mind of the Messiah, and we do see in the scriptures we can do that. We can become more perfect, be encouraged, live in peace, along with love for others that we can not have without it. It will be possible because of His sweet Spirit that dwells in us. If we can get into the scriptures, and as they say get into the mind of our great Master, learn how He thinks, and think like Him then we can be of one mind with Him. His values, ways will become ours. We, in any given situation will know what He would do. After all He walked the earth, He was human, He left us plenty of examples and instructions. We are to be of the same mind toward one another. Not proud or vain, nor wise in our own eyes, but filled with His love toward each other. [ 1Cor.2:16; 1Cor.13:11; Romans 8:6; Romans 12:6; 1 Cor.13:]

Trusting in the Master

Back in the olden days the one that had a master was under his hand, and the master could do anything short of killing them. He was owned. Our Master tells us he is lowly of heart, and tender hearted. Every thing He did for us or tells us to do is for out best interest. He asks us to trust in Him, to have no other masters, and no other mind other than His. He is the Way, the Truth and the Light. He will show us the way, it will be in truth, and it will be of light not darkeness. Many will come and teach ways to receive salvation, but He tells us we are not to listen to them if it is not being like minded with Him. We are to not even invite them into our homes! He is the one that will judge us at His return. We stand before Him our great creator, master, judge, and saviour. [ Gal.5:10 ]

Near Four Thousand Years of Examples Recorded

When we read the scriptures we forget sometimes that is time recorded. We see every act a human would commit recorded in them. We are told in Romans 15:4-7 that all those things were written for us to learn from them. They are for insturctions, that through them we might fear to do as they did. Other places we see how we can have confidence in the Almighty Creator, because we see how faithfully He carrried out His Word. Let us pray that we will not do as they did, and rebell against Him, but that we can come to know Him. Pray that we will have mouths to praise Him with, wills to obey, and to accept one another as the Father and His Son accepts us. [ Romans 6:7 ]

We must behave like one of His kids!

As His children we must walk worthy of this great Good News that was brought, for it was brought with a great price. It meant that all mankind through His Son can become one of His children. Striving together for a common goal, for the faith once delivered to the Saints of old. We are to be pulling together, for the common good of all. All working as a team, same purpose, goal, values, and none trying to get honor for himself. If our Fathers Spirit is with us, our life is not like it use to be. We do not strugle alone, setting out with good intentions only to fall flat of our faces. With Him, we are told we will not be given a spirit of comndemation as long as we are His. We are not given a spirit of fear, a weak mind or cowardness, but a Spirit of power, of love and a sound mind. What awesome promises, promises that are there for us if we do our part, His Word can not fail.  Let us stir up that gift that has been given to us.[ Phil. 1:27; Phil.2:2 Phil. 4:2. 2 Tim 2:6-7 ]

In Conclusion

Our bodies are part of one body, even though we have many different functions. Each one has a part to play in our life. We see where we are to care for each other just as we are all one body, with our Master being the head. He is leading us, guiding us, teaching us, loving us, and with His Spirit He dwells in us. We are to be like minded, sympathatic, loving, tender hearted, humble minded, just like He is. The same yesterday, today and forever, He never changes.[1 Peter 3:8 ]

Our Master walked, talked, got tired, suffered from the same temptations you and I do. Only He didn't sin. With our Fathers Spirit in us we too can walk a life not like we walked before. He died for us, and on that stake He felt every pain a human being could feel. He was hanging there alone, facing a crowd, this we see from the scriptures, He was their Master, and creator. He calls us family, friends. If family, then we should have the family traits. Lets all love as He loved, full and rich, walking in His footsteps, having His mind in us in all we do or say. [ 1 Peter 4:1 ]


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