But as he who was born according to the flesh then persecuted him born according to the Spirit, even so it is now! Galatians 4:29 Those that keep the O C will be persecuting those that keep the N C. This is what Paul is telling people of Galatia.

Some years ago we, my wife, son, and myself went to a camp meeting in Texas. At that meeting were people from many different places, these people also had many different beliefs. While there we all got along very good, had many conversations, discussing many points of our individual beliefs.

During that meeting a man from Houston, Texas ask for our phone number to be able to keep in touch. At that time I was still working and did not have a lot of free time to call out of state nor the money to do so, so I made no effort to keep in contact.

Just before the F O T that year we got a call from him. After we had talked a for a time, he inquired as to where we were going to keep the feast. For obvious reasons I tried to avoid the question. He would not have it that way, and more or less demanded to know where we would be going to keep the feast. So what to do but tell him we do not keep those days any more.

At this time the caller began to try we impress his way upon me, saying we had to do this. I tried to soothe him down and keep the peace, but he would have non of it and became very belligerent. He then made a statement "you are going straight to hell then", and slammed down the phone.

I could never make a statement like this to anyone, could you?? We as children of our Father, are not in a position to judge another one of those that claim to be a child of His also.

It seems that every year at the time of the F. O T. and just before the time, all those that keep the days post all their things about it and it is as though they do it to raise a debate about the time. Then if some one that does not keep them says anything about them to question their belief in any way, those that do so are called names and told that they are not children of our Father.

We need to be tolerant of others beliefs. So you and I do not agree on what is required for salvation. We each must live our own life before Yahh and Yahshua. It is through His Spirit that we learn truth. Each of us can and should be able as it say in 2 Peter 3:15, be able to give account of our hope to any one that asks. I think that is the point we all forget. Has someone asked us to share our belief, or do we out of our own enthusiasm just start talking without being asked.

But if one of us posts something that is not in line with the others belief, neither should be offended, but should look to see if the post could have some truth in it for us to learn. We may not agree with the main point of a post but that post could have something in it for us to learn.

Then again if we see a point that is not complete should we try to set it right.

We are told also in the Scripture not to quench the Spirit. How do we do one without doing the other??? How do we not quench the Spirit, and yet not speak up when we are not asked??? Does anyone have any thoughts on how to do this?

As I have said many times we should never study the Scripture with the thought we already know what it says. If we have a Bible that has inspired margins, that should "NOT" be our study Bible. If we have written in the margins what we think, are have been told, a verse means, then we can not look for anything else, nor be shown anything else by the Spirit. Our mind is already made up about that Scripture.

John tells us repeated that we should love one another. The one that loves will not cause a brother or sister to stumble. Nor will they judge a brother or sister. Love is a fruit of the Spirit, so each one that has the Spirit will have love. Yahshua condensed the "LAW" into love. He said we are to "LOVE our Elohim with all our heart, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourself."

I will try to show evidence of having the Spirit in my post, and I will be praying that each of those on here will be doing the same.

In the Masters service,
Jack Bierman


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