Acts 13: Saul and Barbarba were separated to do a work with the Gentiles, by command of the Spirit. They went to various cities, then arriving at Antioch of Pisilia went on the Sabbath to be with a congregation , after the readings by the leaders of the congregation, they were asked if they had anything to say, Saul spoke to them concerning the coming of Yahshua and Israel. Acts 13:16 Men and Israelites and those among you fearing Elohim-- these are the ones Saul spoke to --


Acts 13:26 Men brothers sons of the race of Abraham, and those among you fearing Elohim, to you the "word" of this salvation (deliverence) has been sent.

For those living in Jerusalem and their rulers, because they didn't recognize Him nor understand the writings of the prophets concerning Him, which was read every Sabbath, fulfilled all these writings by condemning Him.

And having found not one cause for death, they asked Pilote that He should be put to death. and when they had accomplished all all that was written concerning Him, took Him down from the stake and laid Him in a tomb. But Elohim raised Him from the dead. and He was seen for many days by those that came up with Him from Galilee to Jerusalem, these were His witnesses to the people. This is the "Good News" the promise made to the fathers


38 Let if be known therefore to you that through this One forgiveness of sin is proclaimed to you, 39 and by Him everyone who believes is declaried right from all from which you were not able to be forgiven by the law of Moses,

Warning for those that do not believe !! 40 Watch then that which was said in the prophets does not come up on you.

See you despisers marvel and perish, for I work a work in you today, a work which you would not believe if some one were to tell it to you.

The people of Jerusalem did not believe, they wanted to keep their traditions, rather than turn and follow Yahshua, the very one told of in their writings.

We have those writings with us today, also with those of the men who followed Yahshua for three and a half years. Will we be faithful, will we learn of Yahshua and the message He brought. Or will we hold to the teachings of men, and the traditions that they taught. If their teaching are contrary to the Scriptures we must follow the Scriptures rather than man.

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