By Jack Bierman

When the early travelers went across the country they had to find their own way. If they followed a trail that was already there, then it led to a place others had been and possibly were still. If they followed a game trail it would possibly take them to water.

We came to late for this. Now we can only follow where some one else has already been. If we follow their path it will led us to the same place they went, over the same trail they traveled.

This is the same with our study of the Scriptures. If we follow a trail laid out by someone before us, then we will come to the same point in understanding the Scriptures. If we follow their blazed trail, the points that they put before us it will lead us to what they want us to believe. Whether this is the right point of ending our travel or not, that is where we will end up.

If we follow what someone else believes, with out proving it for ourselves, but following their trail, then we are being led along a trail that is possibly leading us to the wrong place.

We must first decide where we want to go. Then chose the way that is best for each of us.

My destination is to be with Yahshua in His Kingdom. That is probably the same as your desire. Now how do we reach that goal is the Question???

If we follow a trail that was planned and laid out by someone that has been led by another that did not know the way of how to get there, not totally following the way of "truth" that is in the "Word", but a way to get people to follow them, then we very likely are traveling a trail that leads no where.

If we follow the trail someone puts before us, using the points they have established, it will lead us to the exact point they want. We will become followers of them.

What we as believers in Yahshua must do is ask Him, through His Spirit to bring us to the right understanding. We must not blindly follow the teaching of others.

The Word has no contradictions.

It is said of the Bereans, that they were more desiring of truth than some, they took what they were told, then proved from the Scriptures whether it was so. They would have had to not follow point by point what they were told, without looking to see if there was error, or if there was some point that contradicted some other point.

It is only our understanding of the Word that causes error. We can not use human reasoning to come to the right understanding. Spiritual things are Spiritually discerned.

So it is not that I am right or that you are right, but that we would be led by the Spirit into perfect understanding, according to the will of our Father.


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